Journal Articles (Peer-Reviewed)

  • Borle, K., Kopac, N., Dragojlovic, N., Rodriguez Llorian, E., Friedman, J., GenCOUNSEL Study, Elliott, A.M., & Lynd, L.D. (2021). Where is genetic medicine headed? Exploring the perspectives of Canadian genetic professionals on future trends using the Delphi method. European Journal of Human Genetics, 1–9.

  • Rodriguez Llorian, E., & Mann, J. (2021) Exploring the Technology-Healthcare Expenditure Nexus: A Panel Error Correction Approach. Empirical Economics.

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  • Doimeadios Reyes, Y., & Rodriguez Llorian, E. (2015). Un análisis comparado de eficiencia y eficacia en el sector público en Cuba. Economía y Desarrollo, 155(2), 44-59.

Submitted Manuscripts & Working Papers

  • Rodriguez Llorian, E., Zhang, W., Khakban, A., Patten, S., Traboulsee, A., Oh, J., Kolind, S., Prat, A., Tam, R., & Lynd, L.D.  Productivity losses among people with early Multiple Sclerosis. A Canadian Study [Revised & Resubmitted Multiple Sclerosis Journal]

  • Rodriguez Llorian, E., Dragojlovic, N., Lynd, L.D, Friedman, J., Elliott, A.M., Osiovich, H., & Campbell, T. The Impact of Rapid Exome Sequencing on Downstream Healthcare Utilization for Infants with Suspected Genetic Disorders in a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit  [Target Journal: Genetics in Medicine]

  • Borle, K., Kopac, N., Dragojlovic, N., Rodriguez Llorian, E., GenCOUNSEL Study, & Lynd L.D. Defining need amid exponential change: conceptual challenges in workforce planning for genetic medicine [Target Journal: Health Policy]

  • Khakban, A., Rodriguez Llorian E., Michaux, K., Patten, S., Traboulsee, A., Oh, J., & Lynd, L.D. Direct costs associated with multiple sclerosis: A population-based study [Target Journal: TBD]

Work in Progress

  • Workplace accidents and associated costs in people with MS. A population data approach

  • Productivity losses in the unemployed and employment status determinants among people with MS

  • Biorepositories containing genetic information. A systematic review on research and clinical outcomes

Other Publications

Newspaper and magazine articles


Research Reports

  • Rodriguez Llorian, E., & Loxley, J. (2019). A Framework for Assessing Social Impact of The Jubilee Fund: The Case of Daycare Programs. Report prepared for the Jubilee Fund. 

  • Loxley, J., & Rodriguez Llorian, E. (2019). The Impact of the Mary River Project on GDP Forecasts for Nunavut: A Critical View. Report prepared for Oceans North.

Conference Proceedings